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Testimonial from Ellen Freeman

My relationship with Commonwealth Caregivers and owner Scott Fagan was unfortunately short-lived but sweet.

My mother age 93 3/4 passed away on November 8, 2012 unexpectedly, from end-stage dementia.

As her daughter and primary caregiver, I initially contacted Commonwealth Caregivers prior to her death, thru a local advertisement.

What caught my eye was that Commonwealth Caregivers (unlike most Home Health Care licensed agencies) offer affordable rates commensurate with the particular needs of the patient. This is not a one size fits all agency.

Upon my initial inquiry, Mr. Fagan took my information over the phone and then came out to my home where my mother resided for the past 5 years. He surveyed the home environment, interacted with my mother and evaluated her need for services.

As a result Mr. Fagan assigned a Home Health Aid to my home timely, which helped to provide respite for me.

The Home Health Aid was experienced, professional and came to the house on time. Even though I remained in the home part of the time, she took the lead and even made suggestions for an easier way to do things for my mother and I appreciated her ideas.

All in all the experience and services provided by Commonwealth Caregivers was a positive one for my mother.

Ellen Freeman, Daughter

December 3, 2012

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